Peer Review Process

Article evaluation process


The evaluation of each article will follow the following steps:

1- The Editor-in- Chief checks the adequacy of the article with the argument of the call for contribution, with the field and its originality before submitting it to the expertise.

2- Each article received on the platform is evaluated anonymously by two experts, national and / or international, appearing in the editorial board of the journal and who have the required competence in the reference area of the article.

3- The experts, and after expertise, reserve the right to request major changes, minor modifications or to refuse the article.

4- The experts annotate and comment on the authors' articles in order to justify the final decision of their expertise.

5- The experts are required to attach to the expertise sheet the annotated and corrected article.

6- If one of the experts agrees and the other refuses the same article, a third expert is obligatorily solicited to decide.

7- After receipt of the notification of acceptance, the author must send the copyright transfer certificate (the Copyright), which can be downloaded from the web space (ASJP)of the journal to the platform. form, under the heading "Guide for Authors".

8- The author must make the modifications requested by the experts. He will return his article via the platform following the instructions.

9- The expertise period granted to the experts is 2 months.

10- The correction period granted to authors is 1 month.

11- The reading time by the expert of the corrected version is 45 days.

12- The final decision for the publication of articles is the responsibility of the editor- in-chief of the journal.


The Journal team strives to keep the review process as short and reasonable as possible and the contributing authors are expected to receive a decision within 4-6 months of submission.

Accepted papers will be waiting in a queue for placement into an issue. Given the large number of submissions we receive and the queue of accepted papers, contributing authors should understand that they may need to wait for up to one year after acceptance of their paper before it is published in an issue. Authors who look for an early publication chance are encouraged to submit their work elsewhere. 

For accepted papers, by agreeing to publish their papers in RASDL, the authors grant copyright to the Journal/ASJP to exclusive publication of their papers online at the Journal website. While published papers may be downloaded free of charge and used for academic/research purposes by readers.


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